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Spectrum Set: Sports & Events Templates

Spectrum Sports Templates

Introducing our most customizable templates to date - THE SPECTRUM SET. This full-featured sports and events set combines elements from background textures to borders allowing you to create an unlimited number of designs. Create a custom theme for every league, team or event, keeping your products up-to-date and your clients hooked. You now have the ability to customize your own studio theme to distinguish you from your competition.


  • Up to 3 distinct areas to mix and match textures, sports graphics, and colors.
  • Opacity options that let you blend colors and textures for more subtle hues
  • Room to add team logos, your logo, or any other graphic you wish
  • 40 new color choices for those hard to match teams
  • Pager-editability on most products for further customization*
  • Flexibility to use as many or as few options as you like
  • Ability to save the template for future use

* New nodes may be added, but original nodes cannot be changed.
Key Tags and Traders are not pager-editable.

To Create Your Theme:

  1. Combine textures, sports graphics and colors in up to 3 background areas
  2. Choose your font and text colors
  3. Add team and studio logos
  4. Choose your stroke color or an edge for your images
  5. Finish it off with decorative borders, text and graphics

Spectrum Components

Spectrum Theme Breakdown

The Spectrum set allows you to create your own theme and maintain it throughout the set. Simply select your textures, colors and other options on one product and then use the same, or similar choices on other products to create a unified look for your order.

Not every product has every area to fill, or the exact same textures and graphics to fill it with. It will add interest and variety among products when there is some variation in the use of graphics and color. The products compliment each other with a shared color and graphics palette. This example shows a fairly strict adherence to a chosen theme, but you can mix in other elements or change opacities as much as you desire. The possibilities are limitless!

The complete product set for Spectrum currently includes: