Filmet Professional Imaging
General Add Ons

Want to Design Your Own Products?

This collection of add-on products gives you a blank palette to place your own designs or images.

Connect Tip

Most of the products listed here are available under the Additional Items tab. Products like the pvc key tags have blank versions that are listed with their template counterparts in Style 4.


Buttons & Magnets

Available in 3.5 and 2.5 inch sizes, these buttons and magnets are the traditional full-photo . Buttons are also available with a silver or gold foil edge.

For graphic options, see Style 1 and Style 4


Keychains, Bag Tags & Snowflakes

Blank Keychains, Bag Tags, Unique Keychains

For graphic options, see Style 1 and Style 4 (keychain graphics are in Style 4 only; snowflakes do not have graphic templates).


PVC Key Tags

One of our best selling add-ons!

PVC key tags are double-sided, hard plastic tags that are generally the same size as their store card counterparts. These durable accessories come in sets of 3.

For graphic options, see Style 4 and Proms & Dances.