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Acrylic Statuettes

Capture life's events with these laser-cut mementos

Custom-cut acrylic products add an extra dimension to your photographs by lifting them off the paper and letting them stand on their own. Traditionally, they are seen as a sports & events product, but they can be great additions to senior display tables, wedding decorations, etc.

Football Statue Football Little People Magnet Pet Statue Senior Statue Weddint Statue

Acrylic Statuettes

  • 8x10 and 5x7 sizes available
  • Shipped with background mounted to acrylic for protection of the statue - assembly required
  • Easy, snap-together bases included

Little People Magnets

  • Up to 4x5 size
  • Ornament option available
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Graphic Sports Statues

Graphic Statues

Combine your images with our sport templates for a trophy keepsake.