Filmet Professional Imaging
Photo Balls

Catch the Memories!

Increase your sales with these customized sports novelty items. Have your images stamped onto a replica ball in one of our exclusive border designs with the player's or team name. Add these unique products to your sports packages today.

Great for Fund Raisers
A team image paired with the team schedule on our larger balls make a great fund raiser for school sports and parent organizations. Contact customer service for a quote on a custom layout.

Photo Ball Types


Our Photo Balls are available in the following sports and a durable Christmas ornament that looks like a glass bulb.

baseball softball basketball football soccer Hockey Puck Volleyball ornament
Photo Ball Sizes Mini Mid-size Full-size
Baseball & Softball Actual size no no
Basketball yes no yes
Football yes yes yes
Hockey Puck Actual size no no
Soccer Ball yes no yes
Volleyball yes no yes
Ornament Actual size no no