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Wedding Album Templates

Create a Lasting Impression

From weddings to bat mitzvah's and all special occasions, our drag 'n drop templates offer you creative efficiency with a few clicks of the mouse. We have templates in most standard album sizes from parent brag books to elegant coffee table books, and all can be used with our premium album services.


In addition to standard image options with paper type, finishing, and image tone, our wedding templates feature these unique options to help you create an impact.

Feature Options Available
Stroke Color Choose from Light Grey, Black, White, or no stroke
Background Effects Choose from White, Black, Light Grey, Charcoal, Cream, 30% Image Opacity, 50% Image Opacity, 75% Image Opacity.
Remove Image Node All album templates have the option to remove any image nodes from the design except for the background image node.
5x7 Templates
AT-1-5x7 AT-2-5x7 AT-3-5x7 AT-4-5x7 AT-5-5x7 AT-6-5x7 AT-7-5x7 AT-8-5x7 AT-9-5x7 AT-10-5x7 AT-11-5x7 AT-12-5x7 AT-13-5x7 AT-14-5x7 AT-15-5x7 AT-16-5x7 AT-17-5x7 AT-18-5x7 AT-19-5x7 AT-20-5x7 AT-21-5x7 AT-22-5x7 AT-23-5x7 AT-24-5x7 AT-25-5x7 AT-26-5x7 AT-27-5x7 AT-28-5x7 AT-29-5x7 AT-30-5x7 AT-31-5x7 AT-32-5x7 AT-33-5x7 AT-34-5x7 AT-35-5x7 AT-36-5x7 AT-37-5x7 AT-38-5x7 AT-39-5x7 AT-40-5x7 AT-41-5x7 AT-42-5x7 AT-43-5x7 AT-44-5x7 AT-45-5x7 AT-46-5x7 AT-47-5x7 AT-48-5x7 AT-49-5x7 AT-50-5x7 AT-51-5x7 AT-52-5x7 AT-53-5x7