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Self Mount Books
Self Mount Books

In addition to beautiful prints and lower prices, all books include a presentation box. The Self Mount book's self adhesive pages give you the look and feel of a coffee table book at a fraction of the price.

Book Size Pages Sides
5x5 10 20
8x10 5 10
10x10 10 20
10x10 15 30
12x12 10 20

Books are available in BLACK ONLY. Books are available unmounted, call for details.

We recommend you check your wedding template pages for color, and number for mounting sequence, prior to Filmet mounting an Self Mount book. We will NOT reprint pages or change sequence once they have been mounted.

Dust Covers

Unique to the Self Mount Books, you can create a customized dust cover to protect your album. These covers are printed on photographic paper with an option for metallic paper for a contemporary look.


The templates shown below are Pager-editable templates. This allows you to adjust the existing nodes or add & subtract nodes from the design. Please note: We placed the nodes carefully to lay centered on each respective piece of the cover. We recommend using them as guides to creating your own design.

12x12 iMount Cover 10x10 iMount Cover 8x10 iMount Cover 5x5 iMount Cover 4x6 iMount Cover 4x5 iMount Cover 3x3 iMount Cover
Connect Tip Get Dimensions

You can get the dimensions and placement of each node through the Pager Tool. Just enable the Pager Tool, select each node, and look to the information/tool bar. There you will see the x and y locations with the width and height of the node.