ProFilmet ROES Tips & Troubleshooting

Pro Filmet ROES

ProFilmet ROES Tips

DP2 Image Name Rules
For the greatest compatibility with the Kodak DP2 Software, please regard the following:
  • File names must be less than 31 characters long. Spaces are considered characters.
  • Name must not contain the following characters: , " ^ & * = | < > ? ( ) ' ~ [ ]
Filmet Connect ROES will only recognize .tiff and .jpg file formats
Minimum image size by print size
  • 4x5 & 5x7 - 6 MB
  • 8x10 - 10-15 MB
  • 11x14 - 25-30 MB
  • 16x20 - 30 MB and up
This is the size given under Image - Image Size in Photoshop, not the file size listed in browser windows.
Save time by constructing and saving your packages. When you go to order, you can select your package as you would a normal product and drag an image into it. Connect will then automatically populate your whole package for you.


Socket Errors/Cache
If you are experiencing socket errors when you try to transmit an order with Pro Filmet ROES, try clearing the cache and temp folders on your machine.
To clear the cache in Connect:
  1. Click on the Diagnostic Tools button in the lower right corner of the login window.
  2. Select "Clear Caches"
  3. On the window that opens, choose "Clear both caches." This will automatically close ROES, so be sure to save your order before clearing your caches.
Unique Customer Catalog
If your unique customer catalog is not showing inside Connect, check first to make sure your customer code is entered into preferences in lowercase letter.