Filmet Professional Imaging: Promotional

Custom Order Forms

Proven Method of Increasing Sales

Our fill-in-the-blank order forms help to showcase the products available for your shoots. Full color product shots are featured on the front, with a black and white customizable excel price form on the back.

Events Forms

9x12 Form or Envelope
Double-sided 9x12 sheet or envelope; Available in all themes or provide your own graphic.
10x13 Envelope
Double-sided 10x13 envelope; Provide your own graphic side.
Provide your own xls form

Double-sided sheet with a detachable money envelope; Provide your own graphic side.

What's the Difference?
The Credit Card form includes a grid for your customers to use for their credit card information. If you don't accept credit cards or have other means of taking credit cards, the Cash & Check form has a blank area in the same location where you can put additional information or even your logo.

In ROES In ROES: Promotional Catalog > Order Forms

Event Themes:

Sports Order Form


School Order Form


Dance Order Form


To Create Your Form:

  1. Download the appropraite .xls file**
  2. Fill out the form with your packages, pricing and other information
  3. Find your style (Sheet or Envelope) in your event theme.
  4. Upload your .xls file with your order

Both the Credit Card and Cash & Check forms are now compatible with the Order Sheet and the Order Envelope in all event themes. There's no more need to download different files.


Other Forms Available

Add-On Forms

Photo Ball Order Form

This smaller form centers around our photo ball products and features text nodes for you to customize your form with the products, styles, and prices.


Specialty Forms

Graduation Order Form

This variation of the graduation card sample sheet offers a text node for your studio information. Use it as a handout with your senior orders for return orders in the spring.