Filmet Professional Imaging: Promotional
Sample Sheets

Marketing with Style

The best opportunity to sell to your customers is when they are in your studio, when they can see in person the products you have to offer. Sample sheets are an efficient alternative to piles of samples that save you money and storage space.

Connect Tip

Sample sheets can be ordered from the Standard Catalog in Filmet Connect ROES under their respective product tab or contact customer service.


Holiday Sample Sheets

Holiday Sample 1 Holiday Sample 2 Holiday Sample 3 Holiday Sample 4 Holiday Sample 5 Holiday Sample 6 Holiday Sample 7 Holiday Sample 8 Holiday Sample 9 Press Printed Card Sample 1 Press Printed Card Sample 2 Press Printed Card Sample 3 Press Printed Card Sample 4

Other Greeting Cards

Baby Sample 1 Baby Sample 2 Graduation Sample Folded Graduation Invitations Slimline Sample Save the Date Sample Wedding Thank You Sample

Other Products

Ornament Sample 1 Ornament Sample 2 Ornament Sample 3 Ornament Sample 4