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Greeting Cards
Greeting Cards

The Perfect Way to Send a Custom Greeting

Broaden your clients' product selection while amplifying your exposure. Beyond photographic cards, folded greeting cards offer a greater opportunity to showcase your work and your studio name. With multiple image nodes and a back panel for your information, each card sent out is an advertisement for your studio.

Choose from normal 100 lb. coated paper, linen paper, or pearl papers. All cards come with envelopes.

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Christmas & Winter Holiday Designs

5x7 Cards - Single Fold

CX57-01H CX57-02H CX57-04H CX57-05H CX57-06H CX57-07H CX57-08H CX57-09H CX57-10H

5x7 Cards - Single Fold and Flat

CX57-03 CX57-11 CX57-12 CX57-13 CX57-14 CX57-15 CX57-16 CX57-17

4x8 Cards - Single Fold and Flat

CX48-01 CX48-02 CX48-03 CX48-04 CX48-05