Filmet Professional Imaging
Greeting Cards

Traditional Greetingswith Non-Traditional Flair

Customizable greeting cards allow your clients to share their portrait sessions and help promote your business. Filmet offers a variety of sizes in a growing collection of borders, collages, and exclusive designs to frame your images in festive style.

Looking for folded cards? See our budding press printed card selection.

Christmas & Winter Season

Filmet Exclusive

GC57 44V GC57 45H GC57 46H GC57 113V GC57 114H GC57 115H

Christmas & General Holiday

GC57 01H GC57 02H GC57 03H GC57 04H GC57 05H GC57 06H GC57 07H GC57 08H GC57 09H GC57 10H GC57 13H GC57 14H GC57 15H GC57 16H GC57 17H GC57 18H GC57 19H GC57 21H GC57 22H GC57 23H GC57 24H GC57 25H GC57 103H GC57 104H GC57 105H GC57 106H GC57 107H GC57 108H GC57 109H GC57 110H

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