Filmet Professional Imaging
Greeting Cards

Traditional Greetingswith Non-Traditional Flair

Customizable greeting cards allow your clients to share their portrait sessions and help promote your business. Filmet offers a variety of sizes in a growing collection of borders, collages, and exclusive designs to frame your images in festive style.

Looking for folded cards? See our budding press printed card selection.

Christmas & Winter Season

Filmet Exclusive

GC48 59H GC48 60H GC48 61H GC48 62H GC48 63H GC48 64H GC48 75H GC48 76H GC48 116H GC48 117H GC48 118H

Christmas & General Holiday

GC48 77H GC48 78H GC48 79H GC48 80H GC48 81H GC48 82H GC48 83H GC48 84H GC48 85H GC48 86H GC48 87H GC48 89H GC48 90H GC48 93H GC48 94H GC48 95H GC48 96H GC48 98H GC48 99H GC48 100H GC48 101H GC48 102H GC48 103H

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