Filmet Professional Imaging
Chroma Luxe

No Frames Needed.

ChromaLuxe brand photo panels are an exciting new display/mounting option for images from our sublimated line. These feature a highly durable and extremely smooth UV resistant coating that is bonded to a wooden substrate resulting in a glass-like glossy finish.

ChromaLuxe panels come in 3 varieties

  1. Desktop Easels which stand with an attached easel
  2. Hinged Photo Panels that stand freely like a book with a slight bend at the hinges
  3. Wall Panels that are ready to hang displays

Wood Items

5x7 Arch Easel 8x10 Easel

Hinged Photo Panels

3x5 Hinged Arch Easel 3x5 Hinged Arch Easel 3.5x5 Hinged Easel 3.5x5 Hinged Easel 5x7 Hinged Easel 5x7 Hinged Easel

Wall Panels

11x14 Wall Mount