Terms & Conditions


We ask that all accounts have a valid credit card on file as their primary method of payment. Please contact customer service if you need more information on payment options.

Credit Cards Accepted:
Mastercard, Visa and Discover
Returned Checks:
A $20 service charge is added to all returned checks.

Artwork and Digital Retouching

If these services are more than $25.00, or if you specify "Call with Estimate," we'll notify you before we begin work. If you don't respond to the quote after 7 working days, we'll return the job (without artwork) to you. Requesting a quote, artwork, or digital enhancement will affect your job's in-plant time.

Liabilities Delivery

Submitting any film, negative, slide or print or image to this firm for scanning, printing or any other handling, constitutes an agreement by you that any damage or loss by our company is without other warranty or liability, and recovery for any incidental or consequential damage is excluded.

All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Orders not claimed after 30 days are considered abandoned and left to Filmet's discretion.

Making Changes to Your Order In-Plant

Filmet's production workflow is designed to provide our customers with quality, efficiency, and stable, rapid delivery schedules. Once an order arrives at Filmet and is "order-entered", it's difficult to stop the order and make customer requested changes. If you need to change your order, however, we'll do our best to help you. Please be aware that requests for change of order will add production time in-plant. We can't guarantee the change will be made or waive charges that might result if the change isn't made. During our busy season, it may not be possible to make changes, and we reserve the right to refuse your request. You are charged $5.00 for a change of order.

ProFilmet ROES ordering software now processes most text in a format that makes it impossible to edit it at the lab. Errors in text must be re-submitted.

Customer-Supplied Imagery

You are welcome to submit imagery produced elsewhere to Filmet for mounting, artwork or any other service. We take great care when we handle these items, but we cannot be responsible if a procedure causes damage or irregularities. Consider your submissions carefully. Since your images are "irreplaceable," Filmet cannot be held responsible for replacing them.

Image Content

Obscene Materials Handling
Filmet abides by all legal requirements that affect photo processing, and has an established policy regarding objectionable or obscene material. If you believe your work might be affected by these policies, call customer service.
When an image is copyrighted or imprinted with a studio name, it cannot be copied, scanned or printed by Filmet without the written consent of the copyright holder, which must be submitted with your order for our records.

Remake Policy

Every service Filmet offers is expected to meet standards of quality established by our Quality Assurance staff. Should you receive an order, or part of an order, that doesn't meet your quality standards or expectations, Filmet will remake that part of the order free of charge, as long as you follow our return procedure.

Effective July 1, 2016

All orders will have an inspection period of 5 days from receipt to be checked for accuracy, quality and completion.

Within this time, if any quality concerns are found, they must be addressed with customer service for a remake. Customer service will ask for:

  • The job number
  • A picture of the item being discussed
  • The line items for the items in question.

Remakes meeting these criteria will receive the highest priority. Since your work is unique to you, we cannot give cash refunds.

Color Balance and Guide Prints

Filmet prints for pleasing flesh tones, unless you tell us otherwise. Send along a guide print and we’ll do our best to match it within an acceptable range. Remember, though, characteristics of printing material sometimes make it impossible to match color or density to an original, even if we’re printing from the same file.

Studio Sample

Qualifying customers will receive a 25% discount on work being used for "Studio Display Samples". (This excludes Value Prints).

"Print Regardless"

Files that are severely over or under exposed or that have poor resolution will only be printed on a “print regardless” basis, with your understanding and agreement that the quality will fall short of our normal standards. Remakes will be billed to you at cost. This also pertains to orders submitted for value services.

Film, Slides and Negatives

We no longer print directly from film, slides or negatives. These media must be scanned into digital format before printing, and any mention of prints and print quality from such media on this page and others refers to the digital file created from scanning such media. This media is scanned “as is” and will not be cleaned before it is scanned. We cannot be held responsible for finger prints, water marks or other imperfections from processing and handling prior to their arrival here.

Printing & Privacy Disclaimer

We are not responsible for any pricing errors printed in our price guide(s). All offers, products and prices are subject to change without notice. Filmet will not sell or share information you send to us or we gather on the website without your permission.

Our Partnership with Kodak

Your vision is the beginning of stunning imagery. Trust that vision to Filmet, and you’re assured of its development with the finest chemistry and paper. Our long-standing partnership with Kodak can take your vision a step further. The Kodak name is the most trusted in the marketplace. They add value to that name with on-site technical support at the lab, technical programs to photographers, and a constant stream of innovative products and technologies. Filmet, Kodak and YOU – Partners in quality.