Filmet Professional Imaging: Previews
Proofs with Edges
Proofs with Edges

Beyond BlandSpice up your customers' selections with a bold splash of color!

Proof edges allow you to add anything from a bold design to a subtle vignette along the edges of your proof. Choose from a wide range of styles and colors.

Pager Editable

This product is pager editable. Use it to customize layouts and add additional effects.

Edges Options
  1. Under the "Proofs with Edges" tab in Filmet Connect, select your proof size from menu.
  2. Enable the Pager Tool. Pager Tool
  3. With the edit tool, Edit Tool, click on the blank product to select the background.
  4. Click on Fill in the Pager Control Panel that sits below your images.
  5. Check the "Fill" box and then choose a color from the swatches panel.
  6. When you have a color that you like, drag your image into the product area.
  7. Open the options panel and select an edge that you like to see the background color pull through your image.
  8. Continue to add any text or other nodes to create a unique style to show your client.