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A Rich History

Filmet’s heritage can be described as one of entrepreneurship and innovation. Founded in 1910, Vincent Bachelder started Filmet as a Photofinisher serving department stores.

His son Vernon came into the business and proceeded to alter Filmet’s focus in order to offer the services of a commercial photographic lab. In the mid-50’s, Filmet adapted once again to provide processing capabilities for others. Filmet became the first company in Pittsburgh to adopt color photography.

Vernon’s son, Rick, became President in 1980. Recognizing a number of paradigm shifts in the printing industry, Rick moved the company in a new direction. In 1984, Filmet purchased their first electronic printer. Since then, Filmet has continually invested in electronics, installing a Lambda digital photographic printer, RP30 laser photographic printers, and new processing equipment. Rick expanded to new areas including the Retail POP, Corporate and Tradeshow markets by offering the latest in digital & fabric printing solutions.

Filmet achieved a major milestone in 2004 with the launch of the Filmet Connect Online imaging service that enabled online ordering and next-day shipping capabilities for wedding, portrait and sport photographers. In continuing with their innovation, Filmet offers the latest in digital printing with their Press Printed products. In addition, Filmet’s in-house design team is continually designing new styles for over 50 categories.

With a long and successful history of excellent service and innovation, Filmet remains committed to providing its customers with the quality they have come to expect.

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